Digital Marketing and Content Creation for Small Businesses

Marketing and content creation are important for businesses of all sizes.

marketing and content creation for small business

You own your business for so many reasons… the independence of being your own boss, the satisfaction of creating something from nothing, the knowledge that you will be rewarded for your effort. You’re passionate about what you do. So where do you find the time to deal with marketing and content creation? If it gets any attention at all, it’s probably done randomly and without a plan.

If you get leads through your website or sell your products there, marketing elsewhere on the internet is essential to driving traffic to your site. In the retail or restaurant business? Then you know the impact social media has on spreading the word.

Not sure how to create the content you need for your website? Struggling to come up with concise copy for your brochure? You’re great at what you do! Don’t spend your valuable time trying to wordsmith something. Get help from someone who has many years of experience writing copy for large corporations and small businesses.

Scroll down to learn more about how Write Hand Marketing & Communications can be your right hand when it comes to marketing strategies for your business.

Write Hand Marketing’s content creation and marketing services are designed for micro businesses and solopreneurs.

Marketing Strategy

    • Define your company’s brand
    • Research and develop your online marketing strategy
    • Determine your target markets and define their needs
    • Develop messages designed to capture the attention of your target markets


  • Incorporate your brand messages into your website
  • Define the best experience for your website users 
  • Evaluate your current website’s user experience
  • Consult on the design of your website
  • Develop and design your SEO-friendly, user-friendly website
  • Write copy that’s optimized for search engine visibility and your brand messaging
  • ​Ghost write blog posts
  • Develop a program for optimizing your website for local searches
  • Provide monthly maintenance plans for your website

Writing & Editing

  • Develop targeted copy for your promotional items, advertising and collateral
  • Write search engine optimized copy for your website
  • Edit and proofread copy from other sources
  • Write and upload social media posts

About Write Hand Marketing

Write Hand Marketing & Communications is a digital marketing consulting firm founded by Deb French in 2015. Deb focuses on helping local micro businesses and individual entrepreneurs – “solopreneurs” – manage their digital marketing programs and websites.

Deb started Write Hand Marketing & Communications because she saw many owners of amazing businesses struggling to market those businesses. It’s an ongoing challenge for small business owners and  managers to find the time and expertise in their own organizations to keep up with the demands of things like brand building and website maintenance. It’s not their passion, so it often falls to the bottom of the to do list.

Deb is dedicated to providing affordable, flexible support to businesses by developing plans you can work yourself, or leverage back to her for implementation. 31 years of corporate professional services experience and enthusiasm for the small business community enable Deb to develop quick, simple ways around time and resource barriers.

To learn more about how Write Hand Marketing & Communications can help you, visit the Connect page or email Deb at

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